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ITRenew Officially Becomes a Platinum Member of OCP

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ITRenew, a global IT lifecycle management solutions company, is taking its relationship with OCP to the next level by becoming a Platinum member of the organization. The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology while increasing innovation efforts in relation to data centerserver, network and rack deployments.

For more than two decades ITRenew has been maximizing the lifetime value of data center technology through innovative circular economy models and a comprehensive portfolio of decommissioning and data security services, edge and component products, and rack-scale compute and storage solutions. For years, the company’s engineering and business teams have participated in numerous OCP working groups as community members, including the Servers, Storage, Rack & Power, Open Systems Firmware and Networking projects.

“There is so much technology already ‘in-play’ that traditionally would be discarded at the end of life,” said Aidin Aghamiri, CEO of ITRenew. “We look forward to the opportunity as a Platinum member to help shape the agenda, as well as playing a bigger role in advancing ideas, identifying new opportunities for collaboration, and moving the market forward together. ITRenew operates under the belief that financial success is not incompatible with having a positive impact on our environment and society. By embracing open we are enabling a financially beneficial circular economy and a more sustainable future for ourselves, our families and the global community.”

“The concept of Open Compute and the work being done by the OCP Foundation, has never been more important and relevant than it is today,” said Ali Fenn, President of ITRenew. “We’re proud of our role in revolutionizing how IT hardware is managed and deployed around the world, and to be working in collaboration with hyperscalers, enterprises, service providers and technologists in this community to realize the full potential of open systems. This directly supports our own ethos of moving people away from a make-take-dispose model to a circular economy that all can benefit from.”

2020 OCP Virtual Summit

“We look forward to the opportunity as a Platinum member to help shape the OCP agenda, as well as playing a bigger role in advancing ideas, identifying new opportunities for collaboration, and moving the market forward together,” said Aidin Aghamiri, CEO of ITRenew.

Founded in 2011, OCP is a rapidly growing, global community whose mission is to design, use and enable mainstream delivery of hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure.

“ITRenew has long been a supporter and active participant in the Open Compute Project, and we are delighted that they have become a Platinum member,” said Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the OCP Foundation. “As exponential data growth, heavier workloads and demanding applications accelerate hardware and infrastructure refresh cycles, it is more important than ever that we bring the best thinking and innovation to our shared challenges. As a leader in the circular data center economy, ITRenew brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on topics like democratizing access, lowering total cost of ownership, extending the lifetime value of hardware and maximizing sustainability. They have always been proactive in the open exchange of this information within our community, and committed to facilitating positive change across the ecosystem.”

This week, the OCP Foundation has scheduled its 2020 Virtual Summit and Future Technologies Symposium that will take place online May 12-15. The Summit and Symposium moved online due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The complete schedule for the 2020 OCP Virtual Summit and Future Technologies Symposium can be found here: https://www.opencompute.org/summit/global-summit/schedule.

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