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Simplifying WVD with Nerdio for Azure

Duration: 00:44:25 Publisher: SherWeb You can watch this video also at the source.

How to build a successful Azure practice with Nerdio for Azure

Duration: 00:29:38 Publisher: SherWeb You can watch this video also at the source.

5 essential steps to boost your MRR (5 of 6)

You’re selling cloud: What are the top 5 priorities for your website in today’s digital marketing world? Duration: 00:36:46 Publisher: SherWeb You can watch this video also at the source.

How MSPs can thrive in 2020

Industry expert Karl Palachuk says despite the upheaval we’re facing in 2020, this is a great opportunity for MSPs to resell cloud services. Karl is offering Killer … Duration: Publisher:…

Centre Technologies: supporting clients through COVID-19

Alexandre Laflamme recently had a chat with Chris Pace from Centre Technologies in Houston, TX. They took the time to talk about the Covid-19 crisis and how it affected their…

Ramping up cyber security in uncertain times

Discover new ways to deliver secure working environments anywhere, including Sherweb’s Security Foundation Program assessment and consultative action plans. What you will learn in this webinar This webinar will provide…

3 things I wish I knew before I started selling VoIP

Do you have all the tools you need to offer your clients a complete telephony solution? Discover 3 things you wish you had known before you became a VoIP reseller.…

A new way to pitch Office 365

Find out why selling Office 365 with Dynamics is an unbeatable solution for your small business clients. Sherweb walks you through the process in this video presentation. Duration: 00:16:06 Publisher:…

Why Office 365 and Dynamics are the real deal

You’re always on the lookout for new solutions to help your Office 365 clients be more productive. Have you ever considered combining Office 365 with Dynamics? Find out how a…

How to be your clients' best advisor

As far as Karl Palachuk is concerned, MSPs have all the skills they need to help their clients through this difficult period. All it takes is a little planning. In…

What I learned from the 2008 financial crisis

Recurring revenue. It’s one of the secrets to keeping your MSP afloat during COVID-19. Karl Palachuk talks about recurring revenue and why this is a great time … Duration: Publisher:…

Help your clients thrive during this difficult period

In this video, MSP expert Karl Palachuk tells us to stay focused on our clients during this difficult period. Karl says moving your clients to the cloud is the best…

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