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cPanel How To: Easily Remove E-Mail From The Server

Allowing e-mail to build up in an account can lead to many troublesome issues like low disk space, sudden domain quota problems, and more. This article will cover several options…

How to use du

Thanks to df, we know how to find information about the overall health of our disks, but we’re left to our own devices to find the details, specifically as to…

How To Use the Disk Space Usage Tool in cPanel

cPanel Tutorial: Paper Lantern WalkthroughI. How To Log In To cPanel II. How To Create an Email Account in cPanel III. How To Set Your Default Address in cPanel IV.…

VPS Server Space/Disk Quota

The term “server space” refers to the amount of disk space that is available on your server’s hard disk drive. This space varies according to server type, hosting plan and…

Useful Command Line for Linux Admins

The command line terminal, or shell on your Linux server, is a potent tool for deciphering activity on the server, performing operations, or making system changes. But with several thousand…

Use Disk Quotas in Dedicated Linux Servers

Using Disk Quotas in Dedicated Linux ServersUse Disk Quotas in Dedicated Linux ServersHow to Use Disk Quotas in Dedicated Linux Servers for cPanel ServersUse Disk Quotas in Dedicated Linux Servers…

How to Check Server Load on a Windows Server

What Does Server Load Mean? Checking a server’s load allows us to evaluate server resources and confirm they are sufficient for any running application. It enables us to troubleshoot slow…

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