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How to Add a User and Grant Root Privileges on Ubuntu 16.04

In this video, we describe how to create, add and then grant that user root privileges on an Ubuntu 16.04 server. Commands used: adduser alex password: password: Enter the new…

How to Add a User and Grant Root Privileges on CentOS 7

In this video, we describe how to add a user and grant root privileges on a CentOS 7 server. Commands used: adduser coolnewuser passwd coolnewuser visudo / ALL=(ALL) – enter…

How to Remove a User on CentOS 7

In this video, we describe how to remove a user in CentOS 7. Commands used: userdel coolnewuser userdel -r coolnewuser visudo /coolnewuser dd :wq The related article for this article…

How do I troubleshoot problems connecting to an EC2 instance that has an EBS gp2 root volume?

For more details see the Knowledge Center article with this video: https://amzn.to/2oCbAHx Tomas, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you why your EC2 instance with an EBS gp2 root volume…

Cisco Threat Response: 2 Clicks from Root Cause on TechWiseTV

TechWiseTV: http://cs.co/9008ERbRw Learn more about Cisco Threat Response: http://cs.co/9000EfnOO Cisco Threat Response integrates event logs and threat intelligence from Cisco endpoints, firewalls, intrusion protection systems, Threat Grid, and the Talos…

How to identify web app changes to triage and root cause live site issues | Azure Friday

When a live site issue or outage occurs, quickly determining the root cause is critical. Standard monitoring solutions might alert you to a problem. They might even indicate which component…

Compass Datacenters Acquires Root Data Center

Compass Datacenters has acquired Root Data Center for an undisclosed sum of money. This is the company’s first acquisition after recently announcing their plan to develop up to $3 billion…

Root Cause Analysis in Rackspace Data Center Operations

By using RCA, Rackspace data center operations moved from fixing to solving. Duration: 00:02:48 Publisher: Rackspace You can watch this video also at the source.

Demo: Cisco ACI and Splunk – Root Cause Analysis

Learn how you can monitor your infrastructure and find the root causes of your data center problems. More on Cisco ACI capabilities: http://cs.co/9002DjQAI. Duration: 2:12 Publisher: Cisco You can watch…

Hardware root of trust with Google Cloud IoT Core and Microchip

Check out how to improve IoT security by securing the authentication between Google Cloud IoT core and IoT devices using a secure element (ATECC608A) from Microchip. Duration: 50:42 Publisher: Google…

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