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Tools for Profiling Network Performance

In this episode of Cloud Performance Atlas, Colt McAnlis shows off a few tools that have been helpful in tracking down and fixing networking performance in the cloud. See the…

TCP and UDP: Comparing Transport Protocols

TCP and UDP: comparing and contrasting these transport protocols? Which transport protocol is used in which application on a network? What is a 3-way handshake? These and other questions are…

Introduction to Load Balancing

An introduction to setting up load balancers on Google Cloud Platform. More information is available at: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/load-balancing/ Duration: 3:54 Publisher: Google Cloud You can watch this video also at the…

Useful Command Line for Linux Admins

The command line terminal, or shell on your Linux server, is a potent tool for deciphering activity on the server, performing operations, or making system changes. But with several thousand…

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