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Media Temple – Creating an SPF Record

For help, go to http://mediatemple.net/help Duration: 40 Publisher: Media Temple You can watch this video also at the source.

How To: Lowering Your DNS TTLs

Whenever making DNS changes, lowering your TTLs (Time To Live) 24 hours ahead of time will reduce the amount of time that your change takes to propagate. This article assumes…

Updating an A record in cPanel

Domain Name System, or DNS, is a complex system to understand, but cPanel has simplified the administration of DNS by adding it to the WHM interface. One of the most…

DNS Record Types

One of the many challenges that can face a person while attempting to make modifications to a zone file is knowing what all of the different records are used for. …

DNS Propagation and Caching

Any time you move a domain to a different IP address, you will run into at least some DNS propagation. While it cannot be avoided entirely, its effects can be…

cPanel How To: Change a Domain’s MX Record

This guide will walk you through the process of changing a domain’s Mail Exchange (MX) record(s) to point e-mail at a different server. MX records are a critically important part…

Setting Up Private Nameservers in WHM/cPanel

Setting up your own private nameservers on a cPanel server has many benefits, most importantly enabling all of cPanel’s built in DNS tools which can make DNS changes much easier.This…

Managing Your DNS

Adding a DNS ZoneLog into your betakit.net Web account, select Domains from the left menu, and click on the DNS tab. Scroll down to the Create a New DNS Zone…

Updating an A record from Command Line

Domain Name Service, or DNS, can be one of the most be one of the more complicated concepts in server administration. This article will walk through changing an A record…

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