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Renaming Database Tables with PhpMyAdmin

In this video, we describe how to work with PhpMyAdmin to rename tables. Commands used: Since we are using a GUI in this video, there are no specific command line…

Integrating Traces and Logs with OpenTelemetry – Stack Doctor

Tracing is a great way to monitor your services, but how does one go about fixing latency issues in a specific service? In this episode of Stack Doctor, Yuri Grinshteyn…

Simplifying WVD with Nerdio for Azure

Duration: 00:44:25 Publisher: SherWeb You can watch this video also at the source.

How to adopt a multi-cluster strategy for your applications in Anthos – Anthos 101

There are many reasons why you would want to adopt a multi-cluster strategy, especially when maintaining multiple clusters on the cloud and in your own data … Duration: Publisher: Google…

How to build a successful Azure practice with Nerdio for Azure

Duration: 00:29:38 Publisher: SherWeb You can watch this video also at the source.

Tools for Online Collaboration With Teams & Clients When Working Remotely | ResellerClub

Maintaining business continuity in these unprecedented times of COVID – 19, aka the novel Coronavirus pandemic, can be quite a task. Our lives have suddenly changed, and our schedules messed.…

Why get Google Cloud certified?

Google Cloud certifications help you validate your cloud expertise, elevate your career, and transform businesses with Google Cloud technology. Katie Richardson, Google Cloud’s Certification Program Manager, shares the many ways…

How to start a Web-Hosting business with ResellerClub

Starting a web hosting business may seem like a daunting task, however, it need not be! Check out our Reseller Linux Hosting plans today to start your own web hosting…

Introducing Cloud Functions for Java 11

In this video, we showcase the new Cloud Functions for Java 11. Want to learn how to create functions – such as HTTP and Background functions – that you can…

Webinar Recording: How to Build a Basic Edge Cloud

Watch this Mirantis webinar to learn about edge computing and see a demo of how to build a basic edge cloud. Duration: 00:55:23 Publisher: Mirantis You can watch this video…

Webinar Recording – Securing Your Containers Isn't Enough: How to Encrypt Containerized Data

Learn from security experts at Mirantis and Zettaset how to overcome the hurdles of deploying encryption in container environments while maintaining the … Duration: Publisher: Mirantis You can watch this…

What happened to Managed Service Identity (MSI)? | One Dev Question: Arturo Lucatero

In the One Dev Question series, Arturo Lucatero, a Senior Program Manager working on managed identities for Azure resources, explains the transformation of Managed Service Identity (MSI). For more information,…

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